General Plumbing


Your general plumbing tasks are in good hands when you hire Fraser Allan Plumbing & Heating. Our plumbers are SNIPEF registered and experienced in repairing a wide range of fixtures around your house. When you call we provide fast response for general plumbing repairs and installations.

We are always happy to help when important fixtures in your house require attention. Our plumbers are experts in installation and repairs of all crucial domestic fixtures, such as drains, pipes and faucets. We can also install and repair the following:

  •  Leaking pipes

  •  Dripping taps

  •  Blocked wastes

  •  Overflows

  •  Faulty toilets

  •  Faulty showers

  •  Silicon seals

  •  Outside taps

  •  Radiators

  •  Showers

  •  Banging pipes and water hammers